2012 Schedule/Results

NEOCX 2012 Series Overall FINAL – (Tentative 12/23)

For your racing pleasure, here is the final 2012 Northeast Ohio Cyclocross Series schedule. Unless something huge comes up with one of these 14 races, you can expect to be racing for four months! Huge thanks to all the teams, clubs and shops who are hosting.

Sept 9 – Elyria Cascade Park Cross (Snakebite Racing)
Sept 16 – Wendy Park Cyclocross (Team Spin)
Sept 23 – Brooklyn Cross @ Veterans Memorial Park (Snakebite Racing)
Sept 29 – Stark Velo CX Festival
Sept 30 – Stark Velo CX Race

October 7 – Blue Sky or Not CX (Euclid)
October 14 – Ride On Cyclocross at Wayne College (Orrville)
October 20/21 – Ohio CX Championships (no NEOCX races)
October 27 – Chagrin River CX Day 1 (Costume Race)
October 28 – Chagrin River CX Day 2

November 3/4 – Cincy3 UCI (no NEOCX races)
November 11 – Solon CX
November 18 – Wooster RideOn/SoupCan CX
November 24/25 – Thanksgiving (no NEOCX races)

December 2 – Team Lake Effect @ Hiram
December 9 – Team Lake Effect Throwback CX @ Broadview Heights

December 29 – Series Awards at Sokol Center sponsored by FastTrack Cycling and the Cleveland Velodrome!

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  2. December 1/2, 8/9, and 29/30 are they double weekends? or Do you just not know which day the race will be on.. and with the season starting in 2 days, do you think you should?

    1. At this point, I believe all the races are Sunday. There will be no doubles in December. The series organizers are waiting for permit/flyers from the organizers before confirming.

  3. Left a bright yellow jacket by tree opposite start at Cascade Park yesterday – please leave note here if you have picked it up. Anyone got a contact at Snakebite – I can not find info on their website – Thanks – Phill W

  4. The Team Lake Effect CX races, if any, will be Sunday, Dec 2 at the Franek’s home in Hiram, and Sunday, Dec 9 @ Broadview Hts – the Fields.

  5. Hi Greg!

    Thanks for all you do to keep these stats! I noticed in the accumulated points for the C 50 + class, that my results from Elyria are missing. I finished 10th, which I think would add 67 points to my total? Dale Seeds

  6. greggb – for the C open mens, the results for Dave Micelli – David Miceli and Dave Miceli should be merged….they are all me!! Thanks for your hard work/effort.

    1. Hi David – I’ve now truly discovered the limits of copy/paste. I’ll make the adjustments in the next update. Thanks, Gregg

  7. Greg – I hope you are well. I see in teh C 50+ (yes the old guys) you have Chris Hroblak as winning – sorry to disappoint Chris but I won that race.

    Thanks – Phill

  8. I am Robbie Mocilnikar. I have a long last name and awful handwriting. On the results page Frank Macilinar, Robbie Mocilnikar and Frak Mocilnikar are all the same person, me. So when this gets updated again can they all be moved to the same person. Thank you.

  9. Just to clarify another results issue. For the mens 50+ results I am listed twice. Yes, there is only one of me. Could you compile the results into one? Both of my personalities would appreciate it.
    Thanks for tracking and posting the results.

    Ed Faidiga

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