2017 NEOCX Series Overall Standings and Year-End Party at Ray’s MTB!

View 2017 NEOCX series overalls here!


  • What: NEOCX Series Overall Awards and Year-End Party
  • Where: Ray’s Indoor Bike Park, 9801 Walford Ave.
    Cleveland, OH 44102
  • When: Sunday, December 10 at Noon
  • Cost: Free to attend. $14 to ride (thanks Ray’s!), $18 for bike rental.

2017 was awesome, thanks in part to you, the racer, and all race-promoting clubs, volunteers, affiliated shops, etc. ‘Cross in Northeast Ohio is the best it’s ever been, and you have yourself to thank for that!

We’re back for our year-end party at the world-renowned Ray’s Indoor Bike Park.

Ray’s has been a cornerstone of the local scene for years now, and I’m hoping some folks that haven’t experienced it, go and are blown away. Makes ya a better bike handler too!

We’ve reserved the party room (back behind the vending machines), and will be set up with some tasty vittles from Alladin’s Eatery, assorted snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

After everyone is sated, we’ll get going with the award ceremony, which we’ll award to top-three of every category listed on the results.

We partnered up with Alex Carlson again for some custom-commissioned art!

The party is free to enter.

If you want to ride—which you totally should do—thanks to the good folks at Ray’s, all NEOCX racers have a special discounted entry fee of $14 which is big savings over the normal day rate, just tell them at the front desk and they’ll charge appropriately. Thanks Ray’s!

Rentals are $18 if you think you can’t get airborne on your ‘cross bike, and since Sundays are wild busy, you’re encouraged to call at least three days in advance to reserve a rental: 216-631-7433.