Returning to our roots, in 2016 NEOCX revamped itself as a collaborative effort between local clubs and bike shops to organize a cyclocross series we were proud of.

The series has two volunteer administrators:

Zac Chappell: CAT2 duffer, pizza enthusiast, and man with no inside voice. You can often find Zac struggling in the 123 field, cheering on/heckling the other categories, or raining on John’s parade.  Zac is responsible for coordinating the series schedule, managing the (meager) NEOCX budget, and herding cats. He can be reached at zac.chappell@gmail.com.

John Proppe: former cool guy and 2012 Ohio cyclocross elite champion, John has now embraced the washed up lifestyle: resigning himself to a life of sitting at a desk and loving his cats. He lives in Cleveland, and you can find him racing in the 1/2/3s getting more pitted than most. John is responsible for the series overall scoring, maintaining the NEOCX website, and having many zany half-baked ideas that stress Zac out. He can be reached at j.proppe@gmail.com.

Their roles are to facilitate the teams to have the best race possible, and deal with series overall logistics: category structure, race-day scheduling, series overall scoring, year end party and awards.

Each individual race is promoted by a local club — keep this in mind, and be sure to support those who are giving back to the local cyclocross scene, either with your dollars or some cold ones.

If you want to volunteer or put on a race of your own, hit us up!